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Information Architecture

Deciding what content is most important to your users and how it should integrate in your website is one of the most difficult aspects of the creative process. For your site to "work" and be intuitive, there needs to be a hierarchy of information and a natural flow to how your information progresses. It needs to relate back to your users' goals and their ability to accomplish them.

Honestly, informative architecture is built into solutions via a variety of services at Overit but it's our designers who help build that intuitive path so you're showing the right information at the right time to your visitors.

To do that, our team of designers sits with content strategists and developers to lay out and organize how and why information will present itself in your digital product. By recognizing patterns and strategically displaying content and media, we're able to conceptualize new ways for you to express your values and goals to your target demographic in the most naturalized, user-friendly manner. After all, users are coming to you for information. Your job is to provide that information to help them accomplish their goals, not disorient them until they leave.

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