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User Experience (UX)

They say half the journey is getting there. That's where we come in.

User Experience (UX) relates back to the path you are creating for users to navigate through your application or website. It's about removing unnecessary roadblocks and making it so users don't just get through your site, but they enjoy the experience.

At Overit, we look to help craft an engaging and rewarding experiences for your users, from start to finish.

We begin with a planning session where we talk about the elements that will go into the site, the intended hierarchy, how users will find and understand information and how the site will ultimately work. By understanding the goals of your user, we're able to better visualize the potential outcomes we want to pursue. Then, working directly with our team of developers, our designers can attack the project from all necessary angles, resulting in a more interesting and compelling experience.

We believe in putting your customer first, meshing our expertise in user interface design, product design, content delivery and technology to create strategic plans, concepts and prototypes to engage the visitor while conveying the brand's story and goals.

Of course, establishing your brand through design is not enough. For visitors to truly accomplish their goal on your site, we need to create your message through decisive interaction and seamless translation. Our team approaches these challenges, as well as a variety of parallel challenges, with an experimental mindset and an eagerness to create something new, resulting in User Experience design that gives our clients the competitive edge they want, as well as a piece that the Overit team is proud of.

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