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The rumors are true - Overit's design team is the driving force behind the creation of the Web's most beautiful and visually alluring experiences. It's an accomplishment we're pretty proud of, but our vision isn't confined to static results. We want our results to evolve with the technology that drives them.

Today's Web reaches far beyond the computer screen. In fact, Microsoft predicts mobile Web usage will overtake the desktop by 2014. Crazy, right? Sure. But that's why our design skills do, too.

When a client approaches Overit for a web solution, we don't limit ourselves to one box. Instead, we look for solutions that will live and evolve on the web for time to come because, let's face it, the web isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We understand user expectations and what it will take to boost a brand to the top in the digital realm. Our web solutions always consider the latest trends, technologies, experiments and predictions in order to best strategize an approach. Translation to any device regardless of size, ease of use across devices, vibrance and appeal across varying visual formats and the ability to expand and evolve over time are all aspects to web design that must be considered and handled. Lucky for you it's this kind of decision making and analyzing that our team happens to be rockstars at. More than ever, your customers are everywhere and so is their need for functionality and effectiveness. For you to reach them, your site has to be visible from anywhere, under an infinite amount of circumstances and situations.

That's where the web and mobile design services at Overit can take you.

Our mobile design process starts by our team harvesting all the information we can about your site needs, the needs of your user, and your company's goal. Once we have this information, our designers, along with the development team, will begin to brainstorm, conceptualize and experiment on their hunt for a solution that works for you and your users.

After further refinement and research, we'll begin crafting the visuals that bring an idea to life and allow for a concept to function in a manner that is intriguing, convincing and capable. Our keen eyes and passion for pixel-perfect design effective and impactful solutions allow for even our wildest ideas and powerful messages to come to fruition on any screen available.

Some call us masters of visual communication. Others just call us crazy.

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