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Congrats! Your website is launched and running.

No. That doesn't mean you're done.

"Set it and forget it" rarely works well and it works even less in the world of development. Your site needs to be carefully monitored to ensure it's running effectively at all times. A glitch in the system could turn your customers (and potential conversions) away to alternate websites and competitors. You can't afford for that to happen. You need to be constantly monitoring your efforts so that if a problem does arise, someone will be there to help you remedy it immediately.

There's where Overit comes in.

When your website is live, upkeep must occur in order to offer the best user experience. With our maintenance service, we'll make sure any bugs, server problems or other issues that arise are taken care of quickly. In addition to any necessary troubleshooting, we can update the content and imagery of your website as needed, as well as update the core technology of your website as advancements are made.

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