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Marketing automation is all about making life easier – for you and your audience.

Digital Marketing
Market with your eyes closed.

It helps businesses to automate marketing and sales functions to make your “right person, right message, right time” marketing possible.  Where do we come in? Overit can build your marketing automation and email marketing strategy to drive more leads, convert them into sales, and to keep current contacts engaged and enamored of your brand.

Overit works with brands to create goal-based campaigns that use marketing automation to streamline marketing tasks while increasing business goals. We offer a full-spectrum approach to help you – and your customers – at every stage of their life cycle to help you:

  • Target the contacts you want to communicate with via personalized emails, text, voice, video, and print, and include customized, dynamic content.
  • Collect what you need to know about your prospects within their customer journey. Integrated with social media, search, digital ads and retargeting, you now have a 24/7 omnichannel lead generation machine!
  • Whenever — and however — someone engages with you, we can alert your sales department so that they can follow up in the most appropriate way. That could be an email, a postcard, a phone call or a retargeting campaign. 
  • Sale didn’t close? Take the long view and automatically send that contact back into a nurture campaign to warm them up further with content that educates, thought leadership that inspires, and other information they can use. Think trend reports, industry news, white papers. Anything that serves their best interests. 
  • Analyze the return on each campaign, see who engaged and how, where your leads came from, and what they’re most interested in.
  • … and so much more.

Built around your data and sales cycle, orchestrated with behavioral triggers and filters and customized to your brand and message, it’s the closest you can get to marketing magic.

“The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”
Bruce Lee
Why Automation?
The numbers don’t lie.
Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.
(Campaign Monitor)
Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue.
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