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The story of you is being told on social media right now. Let’s make you part of the conversation.

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Overit’s social media marketing strategies don’t center on building empty followers and creating noise. That’s not how you see results. Instead, we take a proactive, strategic approach so the ROI you see on social media is as concrete as the ROI you see in other channels.

Our process for social media starts with listening. First, we listen to you to understand your business goals and objectives. Then, we listen to the people you hope to reach. We get to know them, where they go online, who they listen to, and how we can best connect with them. Once we collect our intel, we’ll identify the best social media platforms for your goals and develop the strategic social media marketing roadmap you need to build your presence.

Of course, if you want to be social, you need to have something to say. That’s where our fully integrated team comes in. We’ll use our skills in copywriting, graphic design, audio and video to create content specifically designed for social consumption and social sharing. If your audiences can crave it, we can build it.

Next, it’s our place or yours—hand us the ball to begin implementation or we’ll train your team on how to run it successfully and let you go. Our data scientists will be by your side to measure engagement, letting you know what’s working and finding new opportunities. It’s social media, after all. We tackle it together.

“I'm just an advertisement for a version of myself.”
David Byrne
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The numbers don’t lie.
of digital consumers have used social media in the past month
of people with access to the internet use social media.
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