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Motion Department Description

Animation Services

Have a story best expressed through colorful illustration? Prefer your company spokesman be a publicly recognized animated character instead of your stuffy CEO?

Have an idea for a great game, but don't know how to begin visualizing it?

Overit's animation services are as extensive as the term ?animation" itself. Our team has done work for many top video games, movies and companies. For years, we have taken client ideas from the original paper and pencil concepts and brought them to life. We create traditional hand-rendered art and computer-generated imagery, and we often work with those techniques in combination. With almost no limits, a pencil on paper, a mouse on a screen or a paintbrush on glass might develop our art. We'll animate characters, objects and complete landscapes. We excel in both 2D and 3D animations, from puppets to fully-realized characters.

And it's character development that we love to talk about the most. Our animators have helped companies create animated spokespeople for commercials, online videos, video games and mobile applications. We carry these characters through all video materials and, with our design and content teams, ensure the character shows up elsewhere, such as in print designs, online advertisements and copy.

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