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Audio Production

Your audience may have read your message. It may have seen your message.

But has your message been heard?

Audio is a critical part of your brand identity. From the voice of your spokesperson to the tone of your commercial's background music, the audio components of your marketing campaign are critical elements of your Motion marketing campaign. Overit has everything to help you define and create that audio identity.

Overit's fully-integrated 2,000 square-foot studio is filled with state of the art audio production tools, and to it we bring in-house some of the best engineers and producers for our client's audio needs. Whether you are looking for the music, sound effects, audio recording in conjunction with video or voiceover talent for your commercials, presentations, educational items or films, we can write and create it for your particular needs.

Our studio is an incredibly special space, and it's one in which even the walls are unique ? they sit unattached from the entire building. We cut through one foot of concrete to keep the transmission of sound from moving. What looks like a solid room to you is really one wall on one side of a moat, and another wall on the other side. And in this live room where our cyc wall resides, the 28-foot ceilings serve as a breathtaking location for live audio.

Interested in recording a song or an album? We have access to a huge array of producers to choose from to fit your audio tastes. We have the capabilities to develop audio branding, write original music and execute sound design in the studio or on-location.

We work closely with clients for audio production whether or not video is involved, and we are able to do studio-quality recordings all over the world. With a dedicated integrated services digital network line (Source Connect) for recording purposes, we have the tools to record whether you are in our office or elsewhere in the world.

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