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Motion Department Description

Brand Storytelling

It should be pretty clear by now. At Overit, we like to tell stories.

And we know your company has a story to tell.

Our motion department is ready to capture how you started your business. Share the origins of your idea, the trials and tribulations, the people who got you started and where you are today.

Let us film your greatest customer success story. We'll take your written case studies and turn them into visual stories, where your customer's excitement can be portrayed through verbal inflection and facial expressions.

When your next product is launching, we'll share teasers to build excitement. A snapshot of the finished product or a preliminary sketch, a teasing peek at how it's going to make your consumers' lives better.

The next time you hire new employees? We'll introduce them to your audience. You'll have content you can share with your social media channels and your excited new employees can share with their family and friends.

We can help tell all of your stories.

The Brand Storytelling services offered by the Motion department serve as an outlet for creating emotionally engaging narratives, in the form of still and moving imagery, music and sound development. You can come to us with a story, or we'll start by helping you figure out what that story is.

You can't shout at people anymore. "Buy this!" doesn't engage people like it used to, and you need to emotionally connect and earn their attention. We make that connection happen.

Let's tell your story.

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