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Motion Graphics

How large is the national debt?
How many plastic water bottles are thrown out each year?
How many glasses of water could you make with the Atlantic Ocean?

Statistics are great, but some messages are hard to visualize when you're just looking at the data. A long list of facts and figures presented may cause your audience to gloss over important details or not fully realize the impact of the findings you've worked to discover.

How else could you represent that debt piling up, those plastic water bottles being tossed out and those unending glasses of water?

With motion graphics.

Motion graphics lets you tell stories in engaging and provocative ways. Our team brings concepts to life by finding a visual hook to help people understand what you're trying to tell them. It becomes easier for a customer to understand these visual images than when the customer is simply handed a piece of paper with bullet points and no distinguishing features.

Motion can serve many different purposes. It can create excitement, understanding, paint a clear picture or serve as an enhancement for video storytelling ? at its root, it's a method of visually representing your story or concepts.

At Overit, we offer a wide array of motion graphics techniques, used for everything from enhancing the depiction of your phone number and address at the end of a commercial to flying a camera through a website layout or interface, even sharing your quarterly report in a method more interesting than a printed book.

Let's face it. Endless text and data can be boring. With years of experience creating motion graphics, our team can create the simulated movement to keep your audience paying attention and soaking your message up.

To talk to us about how Overit can bring your brand to life through motion graphics.

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