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Motion Department Description

Video Production

Consumers love web video. And it's a love that's growing. Collective findings from comScore, Forrester, Nielsen and other data providers state:

  • 182 million users consumed online video in 2012
  • 56% of consumer web traffic is video
  • The average content video duration is 6.3 minutes

At Overit, we love video, too. Our online video production services are there to help your brand connect with real customers by capturing your brand story, thought leadership and essence to share with users. Video brings your business to life by engaging the audience in a personal way to build credibility and brand authority.

But, just how do you capture your brand's story on camera?

Maybe it's interview style, or maybe it's candid shots of your work environment, product, service and employees. Maybe it's a spot cast, scripted and set for high-quality production. Maybe, you think your business could benefit from professional video production, but you aren't sure how.

We have your back. Our Motion department will work with you to understand your video objectives, refine your message, storyboard the idea, and then shoot the material at a location or on our in-house cyc wall, used for photography, video production, green screen technology and more. Because we have a full studio right at our headquarters, it saves you extra production and traveling costs.

How many other digital agencies do you know with a full production studio in-house? We didn't think so.

We are prepared to do all of the cinematography, production and direction of your concept, and we have multiple professional video editors and editing systems to complete your project ? start to finish. Shooting in up to 4k resolution for home, Web and theater-quality productions, we also have true slow-motion cameras to capture your scenes in a variety of ways you hadn't yet considered as possibilities.

Whether we're creating whiteboard videos to simplify a complex idea or consumer testimonials to foster trust in your organization, video production gives us the opportunity to truly represent your business in the eyes of your customer. In a world where brands spend much of their time fighting for attention, video creates that memory for your users and fills in the details about your brand.

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