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Analyst Relations Services

Getting your business seen on the Web takes connecting with the right people, including the analysts and writers who hold the power and influence to talk about, link to and drive targeted traffic to your website. Developing relationships with media analysts takes both time and process. For a business already overwhelmed with day-to-day operations, increasing company visibility often takes a backseat. In turn, so do press mentions, new customers and developing your company thought leadership.

We understanding dedicating time toward press relations is difficult. That's why we're prepared to do it for you.

Overit understands the importance of getting your company in front of the right people. We've seen the analyst community evolve into one of the most vocal, third-party advocate and knowledge leadership communities on the Web and have learned how to harness that power. These industry leaders can be some of your most powerful voices in driving brand awareness because they are the names that your audience seeks out first.

Overit's Analyst Relations services are designed to connect you with the voices most important to your cause. Not because of a vain need to have people talking about you, but because you understand getting the right people talking about your brand differentiates your business and attracts customers. Our team has a keen eye on your industry and can point out today's biggest names as well as those voices that will indirectly/directly impact your business for years to come.

Magic quadrants. Vendor projections. Industry landscapes. It's about thinking like those knowledge-focused, prospective customers to earn their trust. You wouldn't "hand the keys to your car" to an unlicensed driver, why would you hand over your company's visibility? We're talking knowledge here - smart customers want to know what some of the industry's leading voices think, and that's why we get them talking about your brand.

Working with analysts is not as simple as a signed contract and a virtual "thumbs-up." It is about creating new relationships with your toughest critics.

Overit manages the Analyst Relations process from introductions and initial conversations to promoting each analyst's report. Our team can even extend those conversations and briefings to the written word. Analysts and bloggers are similar in their knowledge scope and passion on topics. We help harness those voices and turn them into believers and advocates on behalf of your company to organically build your customer base.

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