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Crisis Communications

In today's world of real-time communication, you often have to be just as much sailboat captain as business leader. With constant feedback, more channels for disseminating opinions and a 24/7 news cycle, having a supportive voice to your business and knowing how to handle critical feedback are essential for navigating the sometimes unfriendly media waters.

That's where a crisis communications program comes in.

At some point, every company is faced with a crisis situation. Perhaps it's a botched product launch, a recall or an executive team member resigning under questionable circumstances. Whether the story is true, false or misinterpreted, how you respond will determine public perception and the lasting effects the story will have on your brand. But it doesn't have to send your company into a branding or messaging tailspin. Our team of strategists can help create and execute a crisis communications program designed to help your brand not only navigate the troubled waters, but resurface stronger.

Whether you're proactively trying to mitigate a story you know is coming or you need our team on-site, on a call or even on a tweet, our seasoned experts are available to help you through any tough circumstance or brand event. We'll help you create effective internal and external response strategies, develop talking points for media or press interviews and get your brand's story out as quickly as possible. If trouble arises, release the Bat-Signal and let Overit be there to assist you around the clock during sensitive times.

Just because it looks like a crisis now, doesn't mean it won't lead to future sales, messaging and business later. The skilled PR team at Overit can help.

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