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Media Training

Your public relations team has scheduled an interview with an established and widely-read reporter at a popular news outlet. The potential for this story is immense, and as no one knows your product better than you, you're the natural spokesperson.

Except for that case of nerves. What should I say? More importantly, what shouldn't I say? What if I freeze?

You can't afford to not make the most of every media opportunity you have. That's why training prior to press interviews is of vital importance. While the established messaging and talking points you've used many times before in sales and marketing work well as an introduction to your company, you will be faced with pressing questions from reporters you can't always expect. Keeping composed and your nerves in check when asked about difficult or surprising topics is crucial to the success of a media conversation and the coverage that results.

With Overit's media training program, we can help you understand what to anticipate, how to answer tough questions and the proper way to respond to any question that might be uncomfortable. After receiving pointers and executing practice interviews with our team, your conversations with the media will be engaging and informative, and most importantly, you will remain at ease throughout these discussions.

We want you to look forward to interviews with media members. These are the greatest opportunities to share the value of the business and your thought leadership. Through media training, we'll make sure you enter those conversations putting your best foot forward.

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