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PR Department Description

Press Strategy

Ever wonder why your competitor is always in the media and you're not?
Or how they were able to become the Big Hit at your industry's conference of the year while you sat unnoticed in your hotel room?
Is there a webinar you would like to set up with your top 20 Twitter followers?

It doesn't happen by accident. It takes a customized press strategy tailored to drive the leads and attention you want.

At Overit, we consider ourselves to be 'media mavens.' We're proud to boast a long track record of helping our clients get the most out of each specialized opportunity. With interactions taking place across a number of different channels, so should the venues for each briefing and conversation.

But having a great product is just one part of the equation. The other part is about telling the right stories that will drive additional sales or interest about your company. You're a thought leader and it is just a matter of time and effort until thought leadership turns into an increased bottom line. That's where we come in.

It's one thing to speak to a member of the media once, but how does a chance conversation become a long-term relationship? How do you make sure you're using your media opportunities to convey the right brand messaging? Briefings with the media are no longer about being unilateral in your approach. It's about being different and realizing that standing out can be a corporate benefit. It's about having a story to share, and making sure the right story gets told.

Overit's PR department is uniquely capable of jumping in at any place during the communications process - even starting one - and matching messaging with media. Our Press Strategy services ensure that your brand doesn't just get in the media, it stays there.

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