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Analytics Setup & Consulting

Building a website for your company is crucial to boosting awareness for your brand and bringing in profitable business. But having a website factors in as only part of the online success equation. What good is a website if you can't properly track the results you are getting out of it?

Businesses of all sizes struggle with both setting up analytics and knowing the proper metrics to look at to gauge success on the web. Overit can help ensure you are tracking customers from start to finish in their engagement with your brand online. We encourage you to think intelligently beyond just counting visitors and begin measuring the data that relates to an actual return on investment.

We can help with the following areas:

  • Setting up a Google Analytics account and installing tracking code on the site, ensuring proper implementation in complex sites, such as those involving multiple subdomains
  • Identifying conversion goals (form submissions, ecommerce purchases, etc.) and making sure these are being tracked
  • A/B testing various page designs to improve conversions
  • Properly segmenting traffic across marketing channels (paid search, display, organic search, social media, etc.)
  • Educating you on understanding the web metrics that matter for your site, including in-person training as well as email and phone support
  • Building custom reports and dashboards for you to easily view the statistics important to your business
  • Auditing a current analytics setup to ensure you are correctly tracking visitors

You built your website. Now know how well it's working.

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