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Online Video Advertising

Today's online users are obsessed with online video. From How-Tos and mashups to using the Web to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, they are consuming it all and they're doing it at a rapid pace. Marketers must evolve to keep up. A focus on buying cable and local networks is not enough in today's market, as users are turning to the Web for their digital programming and entertainment. As such, online video advertising has become an incredible method to engage users visually and audible.

With the growing number of available options and reports that 80 percent of users will recall watching a video ad on a website for 30 days, the opportunities for advertising in the online video space are endless! You don't need a big budget. Online video isn't just engaging and effective, it's also affordable.

Instream video ad spots can run as preroll (before), midroll (during) or postroll (after) videos on sites like YouTube, Ustream, Metacafe, news networks and others. The ultimate advantage is the ability to granularly segment audiences to ensure that spend is not wasted. While cable buys choose networks and shows for specific demographics, precise targeting is still limited. Online video advertising allows for targeting down to the level of individual users who are tagged based on their search and website visit activity.

Targeting available for instream ads includes:

  • Remarketing to show ads specifically to those who have visited your website
  • Interest targeting based on search and web browsing activity
  • Topic targeting to sites within a defined category
  • Contextual targeting to sites relevant to a set of keywords
  • Placement on specific sites or even specific videos or YouTube channels

At Overit, we'll create :15 or :30-second spots, determine relevant placements and audiences, and optimize campaigns for maximum reach. Ads can also run with companion graphic banners and link to a specific landing page tailor fit to the video's message. Online video advertising does wonders to boost brand recognition and keep your name in front of your audience.

Video ads get results, such as an average 20 percent increase in traffic to your website (Google).

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