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Social Media Audits

Whether you're a community manager newly thrown into the world of social media or you're a marketing executive looking to tune up an existing presence, our social media audits present the most cost-effective, data-rich way for you to do that.

Let's face it, the sheer number of social media channels and eyes watching can make social media seem pretty intimidating. It doesn't have to be. Let us remove the fear and the hesitation so you can get straight to the results.

The social media audits offered by Overit provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current social media presence on various social media sites plus a customized, in-depth strategy for how to grow your presence to attract the right following. We'll pinpoint the sites you should be using, show you how to identify influencers, point you to tools for finding and tracking conversations, share best practices for use, offer considerations for brand consistency and put together a full guide for how your brand can use social media to increase awareness, visibility and thought leadership.

And because you're only as good as your latest update, our social media audit will also focus on what you need to fuel those updates - content! We'll break out the types of content you should be using, how often you should be posting and offer up content and contest ideas to ensure that once you get started, you stay started.

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