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Social Media Department Description

Social Media Management

The truth is you're the best person to manage your personal or corporate social media strategy. No one knows your audience like you do and while we're pretty good at matching your voice, it sounds better on you than it does us. That said, if you need help managing your social media efforts, Overit can add process to the effort by monitoring important social media sites, crafting targeted updates, sharing content, building out your followers and lists and proactively responding to positive and negative brand mentions.

First, we'll work with you to understand what it is you should be monitoring:

  • What are the keywords or phrases most important to you?
  • Is there a reputation management situation we should be aware of?
  • Are you looking for specific product reactions?
  • What are your business goals for social media?
  • What metrics are you most focused on?

Once we understand the objectives and the metrics most important to your social media and business goals, we'll create a plan to help us listen, interact and participate on your behalf most effectively.

We'll build out Twitter Lists to help us manage your account and build relationships with the important voices in your industry. Conversations are the heart of social media so we want to get you into them! With a watchful eye on Google and site-specific analytics, we'll monitor your social activity to understand how it's contributing to your conversion funnel and track down additional opportunities for outreach. The conversations don't mean anything if they're not backed by metrics, so our social media management services will include detailed reporting to help you understand how your brand is performing on the social Web.

In conjunction with our social media management implementation, we'll train your in-house team so they can continue our efforts once they feel more comfortable navigating the social media waters. We're here to assist however you need, but we know your company's social media efforts are best powered by you (we're just here for guidance).

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