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Community & Media Outreach Strategies

We understand your need to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go. That's why our Community & Media Outreach Strategies are design to show you how to use a variety of different methods to catch the eye of community and media members. We'll also outline which communities and media members are most important to your business and how to start those initial conversations. By making contact in advance of your event or launch, you'll seed the road for a long-standing relationship in the future.

Our Community & Media Outreach strategies are designed to help brands just like yours figure out not only where to get involved and whom to talk to, but how to do it. Our strategy document will first break out the important communities and news outlets to focus on, then offer a comprehensive list of people to reach out to, walk you through the process of locating more and tell how you how to reach out, with angle and content suggestions provided to help with your introduction. Our Community & Media Outreach strategies are a favorite for those holding events, cause marketing, preparing for a launch, sponsorships, coordinating buzz, or for anyone who could use more targeted coverage.

At Overit, we've established a pattern of success helping brands identify and connect with influencers. We'd like to help you, too.

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