Brand Strategy

Branding can get pretty existential pretty quickly.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy is about more than leads. It's about finding your sense of place.

Who are you? What are you? Where are you? WHY are you?

Not only are those questions harder to answer than you expect them to be. They’re also the most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself about your business. Without the answers, you have no brand.

At Overit, our strategists take the holistic approach to defining your brand. Through extensive research, interviews with you, your team, and your customers, focus groups and surveys, and competitive auditing, we work closely with you to thoroughly explicate your brand and build the architecture that will house and support all of your marketing efforts. Because without a confident and clear sense of your brand, your marketing strategy won’t ever perform the way you want and need it to. Our brand positioning work will help you identify your key audiences, tenets, voice, positioning, key messages, and much more.

We also help our clients refresh, examine, and check-in with their brands, which, of course, are always evolving as everything else does. We’re a bunch of brand junkies here at Overit. And once we dig in, we don’t stop until the tenets and essence of your brand are fully realized (with the mood board you need to make it feel real). Then the real marketing work can begin.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.”
Jonah Sachs
Why invest in brand strategy?
The numbers don’t lie.
Will pay for friends
of consumers say they would pay more for brands they trust.
Who are you?
of consumers say 'authenticity' is important when deciding what brands they support.
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