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Market Research & Focus Groups
Test creative. Explore concepts.

We know how your audience will feel about a campaign before you’ve ever spent the dollars to release it. How? We have used focus grouping and market research to test it.

Focus groups and other forms of market research are critical to understanding your audience, your market, and what works. Overit has extensive expertise in data collection and research analysis, with a dedicated in-house focus group facility built into the heart of our production studio.

You can use market research to explore concepts, test creative, build consensus, and protect expensive deployment budgets. Whether you’re working to develop a new product, launch a new ad campaign, or test concepts in front of a mock jury – know before you deploy.

We’ll help you identify the right form of market research for your needs, whether its online surveys or panels, in-person focus grouping, in-depth interviewing, mystery shopping, amongst others. Our in-house focus group room offers a cost-effective way to do market research, equipped with a one-way mirror, digital audio and video recording, and full live streaming capabilities.

Creative and contemporary, yet professional and technologically-advanced, Overit’s research facilities present the perfect environment for your project.

“The focus group facility at Overit was developed in response to our client demand for research insights to inform creative concepts, web usability and marketing plans.”
Paul Fahey, Vice President, Overit
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