Direct Marketing

To some people, it’s just direct marketing. To us, it’s a science.

Direct Marketing
A customer in the hand.

Direct marketing takes the best of digital — the audience targeting, the multivariate testing, the buckets of consumer data — and pairs it with a traditional, put-it-in-the-customer’s-hand advertising strategy. Direct Marketing is a tried and true marketing method that encompasses a wide variety of formats, including text messages, emails, mailers, postcards, flyers, letters, and newsletters .

Why have businesses like yours added direct marketing to their mix? Because it’s personal, cost-effective, flexible, and, of course, measurable.

At Overit, we understand the importance of measuring ALL marketing ROI, which is why we track direct marketing leads by using call tracking phone numbers, unique URLs, and/or promo codes. We like to layer direct marketing onto digital marketing campaigns for an effective 1-2 marketing punch.

Let Overit help you break through the noise with content that resonates, design that stands out, and messaging so good it grabs your consumer’s attention immediately.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
Mark Twain
Does direct marketing even work?
The numbers don’t lie.
average return on investment for direct mail
Mail Call
of US respondents say they enjoy getting mail about new products
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