Television advertising has evolved dramatically over the last decade, and we’re here for it.

Put it on television
This isn't your grandfather's TV spot.

Television was once just buying spots in broadcast and cable television, but now with streaming services like Hulu and Over the Top Television (OTT) like Roku and SlingTV, some options don’t simply rely on Nielsen Diaries.

Your audience loves TV because it activates their senses and invites them into a more immersive experience. You love TV for its targeted reach, cheaper advertising costs, and effectiveness at telling your brand or campaign story in a lasting, memorable way.

At Overit, television advertising combines our passion for audio & video production and animation with pinpoint audience targeting. We don’t limit ourselves to strictly traditional television advertising (but don’t get us wrong — we still love it). We like to incorporate streaming, too, whether through Hulu, OTT, or Ads E with Spectrum.

Our approach reviews budgets, goals, and content, and determines where those spots will live, ensuring your message hits your targeted demographic for a fair price. When buying traditional television, we throw those old-school diaries out the window and look at ComScore data for a more reliable source to review reach, frequency, and cost per point.

Thanks to the streaming services available and the competition in the market, we’ve entered a new Golden Age of Television. Come with us.

“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts.”
Orson Wells
Television By The Numbers
The numbers don’t lie.
Tube Time
Over 250 million hours a day: watch time of YouTube on TV screens.
They're Watching
U.S. adults watch nearly five hours of live and time-shifted TV/day
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