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Cultivate a better life.

What do you call two guys from New York City who moved upstate, bought a farm, and used it to become one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands in the country?

You call them the Beekman Boys.

Beekman 1802 came to Overit with an outdated website that no longer represented the brand they wanted to create. They were hungry for a refresh that would better position them, their products, and encourage consumers to cultivate a beautiful life.
Overit was excited for the opportunity.

And the goats. Working with the Beekman Boys meant a lot of goats.

A Delta Partnership

Delta Airlines approached the Boys to explore integrating an assortment of Beekman’s fine foods into Delta’s One Club gourmet buffet, and the Boys turned to Overit to help secure the partnership. Overit stepped in and created a comprehensive multipage pdf presentation, introducing the boys, and successfully conveying the essence of the Beekmen brand and its products.

The Challenges

As we approached the website redesign, we wanted to keep two things in mind: the unique story inherent in the Beekman brand and the user journey.

What we found in our initial assessment of the website was that there was a distinct separation between the content and product sections of the website. Both were receiving significant traffic, but neither was really driving to the other. We quickly identified an opportunity to drive product sales by leveraging content that would help customers better understand the breadth and scope of what Beekman 1802 offered.


Once we understood the intent of users and the different paths we wanted them to take, we built a sitemap that reflected these discoveries. We redesigned the website, focusing on how we could make it easier for prospective customers to navigate and find the content and products they were looking for. We also incorporated elements that would help to weave the Beekman story throughout the site, allowing users to better connect with the heart and soul of the brand and become more like the “neighbors” the Beekman Boys intended for their customers to be.