Breaking Free from the Pack

Within the Capital Region, there are more than a dozen financial institutions. Potential members often need help understanding the advantages of credit unions over banks and what CAP COM could provide. CAP COM partnered with Overit to drive new member acquisition, build asset growth, and increase awareness of CAP COM’s services and benefits through a comprehensive mix of multi-platform marketing. In 2022, CAP COM merged with SEFCU, another regional top credit union, and rebranded to Broadview Federal Credit Union. We’re incredibly proud of all our work with CAP COM over the years to help get them to this position in the market.

Telling a People-First Story

CAP COM empowers members to bank where they matter most–connecting them to award-winning service and simply better options for financial wellness and community banking. When you have a mission that large, sometimes the best way to deliver it is with carefully scripted and produced video. 

Overit has worked with the CAP COM team to concept, script, produce, edit, and repurpose video content across CAP COM’s channels. Whether it was spreading financial literacy, pairing a member with home-buying services, promoting new loan options, or helping small business owners grow and expand, our team was there to pair message points with dynamic visuals to tell our story best. 

Together, we produced videos and webinars that helped members plan for their financial future and spoke directly to homeowners, investors, savers, and planners. Each spot was scripted from a creative brief that helped our team distill its singular purpose. Spots were then cut down, allowing us to use them for various purposes and formats, including broadcast, streaming, and social media.

The Media Plan

CAP COM offers a family of financial products and services that enhance the lives of members, regardless of life stage. Our media expertise helped CAP COM identify distinct audiences for each product to better customize the placement and message for each ad.

A college student building their credit history for the first time has very different wants, needs, and media behaviors than a family planning for retirement or a 30-something looking to build wealth.

By focusing on refined personas, we could target specific audiences with the most appropriate products, messaging, and placements at different life stages. This allowed us to be strategic regarding how the budget was spent and speak to the messaging points we knew were most important. With smart media placement and sharp messaging, we got the most important message out to the audience who most needed to hear it.

This approach included geofencing at car dealerships and colleges to promote Auto and Student Loan offers, respectively, as well as utilizing programmatic display networks and advanced retargeting techniques. Our strategy aimed to enhance the digital journey of CAP COM’s customers, ensuring an effective and cohesive online journey across multiple platforms.

New mediums were also explored, such as streaming services under traditional media and new social platforms under digital media. In addition to paid efforts, we assisted with public relations tactics and events to build brand preference.

Digital Advertising

Overit’s comprehensive online advertising efforts targeted these personas using IP targeting, website retargeting, and search-based intent targeting to reach people searching for relevant terms relating to their services. Campaigns focused on brand awareness and specific products, including new member acquisition, mortgages, financial services, and one-off awareness campaigns.

We deployed search advertising, display advertising, intent-based display ads, Facebook ads, and video pre-roll to prospective members in the Capital Region. Our online advertising campaigns were supported by extensive custom ad design using a variety of digital formats, including static display advertisements, animated HTML5 versions, pre-roll advertising, radio scripts, and more. A custom bid strategy allowed us to maximize reach to increase top-of-mind awareness and brand recall.

Digital Tracking

A key element of our collaboration was the implementation of intricate digital tracking across CAP COM’s primary business domain, SaaS tools, blogs, and affiliated business sites. Our focus was on monitoring the customer application process for various financial products. 

We developed a custom solution to tackle the challenges of a single-page application, enabling us to track application completion rates and identify drop-off points. This endeavor involved integrating Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics to create and manipulate relevant data, a task achieved through collaboration between Google Tag Manager Support, the SaaS partner, CAP COM, and our technical team.

This enhanced tracking system allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of our digital marketing efforts accurately, leading to the utilization of sophisticated AI-driven bidding strategies on marketing platforms. It enabled a deep understanding of digital conversion value, crucial for assessing ROI or ROAS (return on ad spend), and allowed for tracking real-time data in platforms like AdWords and Facebook. 

This approach not only helped optimize campaign results but also marked a shift from basic strategies like Manual CPC and Maximize Clicks to more sophisticated ones like Maximizing Conversions and Target CPA. Our partnership with CAP COM showcases the significant impact of targeted digital marketing and sophisticated tracking in enhancing customer engagement and optimizing advertising efficiency. 

The Billion-Dollar Merger

In the summer of 2021, SEFCU and CAP COM Board of Directors unanimously approved a merger of equals to create a new $8-billion credit union in the Capital Region. Overit was tapped to work with CAP COM and SEFCU on merger-related activities that included early naming and brand development work, consumer and market research, public relations, and focus group testing of the new names being considered by the CAP COM and SEFCU boards. After the merger officially went through and the new Broadview name and branding were chosen, we continued to work with Broadview, supporting their extensive campaign to roll out the new brand to the Albany-Schenectady-Troy, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Binghamton DMAs.