A Cutting-Edge Campaign for Cutting-Edge Care.

Creative & DIgital Marketing

Overit goes all-in with Ellis Hospital.

Ellis Medicine came to Overit seeking a cutting-edge marketing campaign to promote the full spectrum of cardiovascular care at Ellis Medicine. Our team used innovative creative concepts to reposition Ellis in the minds of consumers, showing off its state-of-the-art technology, industry-leading expertise, and its time-honored approach to patient care.

The Results


  • Film, Video & Sound - :30 Spot
    ADDY Awards Finalists
  • Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media
    ADDY Awards Winner
  • Poster Series
    Healthcare Advertising Award Gold Winner
  • Transit Ads
    Healthcare Advertising Award Winner

Research and Discovery

With competitors aggressively moving into its service area, Ellis sought a campaign that would break through the clutter while also positioning the hospital as the leader in cardiovascular care. To create our message, we first needed to understand a cardiac audience. A series of focus groups was held at Overit’s market research facility to hear directly from Ellis cardiac patients, as well as cardiac patients from other local hospitals, to understand how this audience made decisions, what mattered when choosing care, and what their impressions were of Ellis.

This research was supported by interviews with Ellis stakeholders, referring doctors, specialists, and other providers. Through extensive research, we identified true differentiators for Ellis including its full spectrum of care, its role as a community hospital, and its deep medical expertise. This confirmed that everything patients said mattered in selecting a hospital was all found right at Ellis.

Creative Strategy & Concept Creation

This research powered the concepting process, allowing us to evaluate and quickly knock down strategies that didn’t fit our goals. We avoided tired strategies like fear, humor, or testimonials and instead came from a position of leadership. We would

  • Lead with authority — proudly establishing Ellis expertise, team and talent to instill confidence (without the annoying chest-thumping).
  • Reinforce with the heart — this is an important decision and emotional moment in a patient’s life. We are in this together.
  • Tie it together — rebrand Ellis’s suite of inter-connected services as the Cardiac Care Center to express the full circle of care.

This strategy allowed us to convey that what matters to patients matters to Ellis. The message was clear – Ellis Medicine is ALL IN on life-saving cardiac, delivered with a time-honored approach to patient care.

Going ALL IN

The ALL IN concept allowed Ellis to proudly lead with the authority of its cardiac program, team, and technology found at the hospital, with a promise of those personal touches that matter to patients. The best care, approachable and in reach – it’s all at Ellis. Messaging proof points were created to serve as the foundation for advertising. This allowed our team to quickly create new marketing pieces on-the-fly while staying on message.

Excellence & Expertise

  • World class cardiac
  • Advanced diagnosis/treatment capabilities
  • “First and only” services

Approach & In Reach

  • Community hospital
  • Homeless to VIP
  • In reach, close to home

Individualized Care 

  • Coordinated, spectrum of care
  • Be heard, listened to, respected
  • You’re a neighbor, not a number

A Creative Approach

With campaign messaging created to highlight the uniqueness and inclusiveness of the Ellis experience, creatively we needed to do the same. Our competitive research allowed us to identify what others in the market were doing — and identified an opportunity for us to do something completely different.

To stand out from the crowd, we needed a design approach that was smart, eye-catching, and which would help consumers quickly identify the powerful ALL IN messaging. We needed to raise the bar.

Using an intricate technique that combined photography, texture, color, and featured the faces of Ellis staff, we were able to show that everything patients needed for life-saving cardiac was here. Each piece of creative houses a complete cardiac care experience — showing off the medical expertise and collaborative approach at Ellis. The design process was as thorough as the strategy — everything from the angle and lighting used on the staff headshots to the fluid heartbeat line and bold typography was decisively considered, planned, and executed on.

The result? More than just design, but true art

Marketing & Media Plan Development

Overit’s team of media buyers assisted the Ellis team in putting together a fully integrated traditional and digital marketing strategy focused on three pillars:

Consumer Advertising: Strengthening the Ellis cardiac brand to increase top-of-mind-awareness and to empower consumers to influence choice.

B2B Outreach: Building marketing assets for cardiologists, primary care physicians and EMS to reinforce Ellis’ expertise and role as a trusted partner.

Public Relations: Educating the region about Ellis’ doctors, certifications, and technologies to put a face to expertise.

Blanketing the Web, TV, Online & Traditional

A fully integrated digital and traditional marketing campaign utilized a heavy media initiative, inclusive of:

  • A new landing page to serve as our marketing hub.
  • Two :30 spots used for television and the web
  • :15s for pre-roll advertising
  • A series of billboards featuring proud Ellis staff
  • Static and HTML digital ads
  • Social media ads
  • Print ads to focus on each Ellis staff member featured in our campaign
  • Transit advertising
  • Table tents for specialist and PCP waiting rooms.