Overit and Activision created an ultimate alliance. Then we worked on Ultimate Alliance 2.

Motion Design

“Would you call that amazing or spectacular?”

Overit had the pleasure of working with Vicarious Visions and Activision to create motion design mission briefings for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance II video game, which released on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Our duties were to take the written scripts and translate them into completed visuals utilizing in-game 3D assets mixed with 2D motion design elements that we would create from scratch. We started with loose storyboards before moving into animatics, and from there we created a rough pass followed by an animation-timing-lock pass. To complete each of the 24 briefings, we worked together with a few of their team members and finished with a polish pass, giving everything a little more love and attention.

Through the entire process Overit worked very closely with the story team, art director and creative director to meet the needs and deadlines of the project.