Recording, For Pete’s Sake


An audio identity crisis finds itself.

Amazon Studios came to us for ADR (automatic dialogue replacement) services for a storyline change in Season 1 of Sneaky Pete. ADR is the process of re-recording dialogue in the studio in synchronization with the picture on the screen.

We scheduled a studio session with Michael O’Keefe, best known for his work in Caddyshack, where we connected with the Sneaky Pete production team via Source-Connect, which allows studios to connect in real time so that visual and audio cues are in sync in both locations. This is paramount to conduct a successful ADR session. From our in-house studio in upstate NY, we're able to connect with studios around the world.

We worked with Michael and the Sneaky Pete team to replace specific dialogue cues, as is customary in film and television. The overall session was successful and helped the Sneaky Pete production crew to make the storyline change they were aiming to create.