10 Website Usability Considerations Checklist


A difficult to use website is more likely than not to drive your visitor elsewhere and the average percentage of return visits is extremely low.

The synergy between web designer, developer, content strategist and business owner is very important as the first 3 will be the web behavior experts while the business owner will be the audience and topic resource.

The 10 Website Usability Considerations Checklist:

1. Logical Navigation
2. Sensible, recognizable and representative nomenclature
3. Site-wide Consistency (message, design, etc.)
4. Clarity (design, navigation & content)
5. Fully-functional website (no broken links, no broken functions)
6. Clickable logo pointing to the homepage
7. Content-rich with minimal fluff
8. Clearly represented text links
9. Completely user-centric
10. Sitemap