As of December 23, 2009 Most Popular Websites ( reports the following top 10 list of sites:


That’s 4 search engines. Are you being found in the search engines? Clearly that’s where a lot of people are hanging out online.

Youtube is a video search and hosting website for all of your digital video assets. Again, a lot of people are hanging out there. Do you have digital media readily accessible on Youtube? will host your blogs. Being included on that list means people are writing and reading blogs. Is your business writing blogs? Are your potential visitors reading your blog?

Facebook and Myspace are on that top 10 list. Are you on social media? Seeing as though they are on this list, you should be.

Is your business on Wikipedia? Wikipedia shows up very well in Google results. Get in Wikipedia.

MSN is a content provider. Is your business in the business of providing content? If so, people are looking for it, get found. Get SEO.

If you’re answering “no” to a lot of these questions, we should talk. Your website is probably giving a lot of traffic to your competitors if you answered “no” to some or all of these.