A ‘Look Back’ Shows a Look Toward Online Video


What content type most engages users?
How do I get users to share my content?
What does my audience want to see?
What should we post more of to help customers connect to the brand?

Video. Probably.

Online video just connects. It’s personal. It’s intimate. It offers social voice. And when you personalize the experience to the end user, be it with via images they recognize or through common experience, video sticks with them. There ain’t no brand storytelling like visual brand storytelling and video is all about it.

Yesterday, Facebook turned ten. You probably heard about it.  To celebrate, Facebook looked back and gave us all a great gift. The ability to create a personalized video and recall our top Facebook moments of the past ten years. I’d love to see official numbers published, but I have to think user activity shot up yesterday (sorry, bosses) as users created, shared and talked about the video moments that made us all a little nostalgic.

I saw my tech friends share their videos. My non-tech friends. And my friends who can barely manage logging into Facebook. We all shared it. Because we all connected to it.

Video captures emotion. And it sparks it.

As a great example of the power of video, I thought I’d share top Facebook moments from some of the Overit staff. Watch them. And see how, in just over a minute, we’re all brought into their life and their big moments.

The power of online video, man. It’s limitless.

Lisa Barone

Michelle Dinsmore

Paul Hook

Lawrence Basso

Patrick Branigan