Marketing, Overit03.02.11

Another Reason Why Website Design Quality Matters


We’ve been saying it all along, the quality of a website design does so much more to strengthen a brand than simply “having a website.”

It’s not uncommon to overhear website owners mention that “eh, our website is no big deal, it doesn’t get too many visitors anyway.” And, no, I’m not going to get into the whole marketing end of the web as I entertain the previous statement next.

But that previous statement begs too many questions beyond just the SEO, social media, PPC, etc. that cannot go un-asked.

> Could it be that the lack of a quality design is driving what visitors you have to not return?

> Is a lack-luster design preventing people from sharing the brand offline and on?

> Is the stunted growth of traffic a direct and unfortunate result of poor planning and design?

The Old Story of Good vs. Bad

Anyone who owns a stellar website that over-achieves in the design department will be able to easily answer those questions. We here at Overit can help the most naive website owner see the differences in good design vs. bad and how it can be directly correlated to low traffic attendance and minimal brand awareness.

One of our mantras (a fancy way of saying ‘business philosophy’) is quality over quantity. That’s one of the reasons our clients keep coming back and new clients are always on the horizon (not to mention how humbled we are by the awards our websites receive). That mantra, the problems it solves and the results that manifest for our clients can most easily be traced back to quality.

Get to the Example Already!

We were fortunate enough to work closely with the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York on a redesign and redevelopment of their website. Of course the kudos rolled in from the usual visitors and those new, but another source of (a lot of) traffic and a steep increase in brand awareness came of being featured in a highly popular Web Design Gallery.

Thousands (yes, thousands) of referral visits poured into the website simply for being recognized and featured in the Web Design and CSS Gallery website.

The Girl Scouts have even received phone calls from people states away complimenting them on the site. Professors of design are pointing their students to the Girl Scouts’ site as an example of *WHAT TO DO*.


So while we at Overit feel all warm and fuzzy inside about that — the point is, what could that do for your website? Compliments and phone calls aside, depending on the nature of your business or website, the traffic alone from such a resource could help create visitors for life, or sell more products or encourage your messages of ideological change. All because your website design is stellar.

At the end of the day, quality trumps quantity in most everything we do. And as far as your website goes, the same could be true for you (and should be).

See the results of hard work and impeccable design: