Are You a Signal or Interference Online?


On the web you’re either sending out strong signals or you’re creating useless interference (and a combination of the two probably leans more towards interference overall).

Think of it like scanning your car radio for a clear station. In between stations is static, or interference. You know when you find the one you’re looking for because it is clear and satisfying to your wants and needs.

As a website owner you have the tools to provide clear signals to your visitors, just like your favorite radio station is geared towards your preferences. Online, though, you also have the ability to help your potential audience weed through the interference quickly through creative and technical marketing and delivery.

You should also be signaling the search engines in such a way to get your pages indexed and represented well in search results. Site interference will keep you from ranking well and with a majority of people using search engines to navigate, seek information and buy products, it’s in your best online interests to send strong signals rather than interference (SEO and Social Media can help you accomplish this).

Until then, see it another way, too. You don’t go to the gym once and walk out in great shape. The same goes for your website. You need to flex your website muscle and shape your website for success over time.

Why? Because this is how the web is won.