Be THE Source, Without a Doubt


Whether you consider yourself a consumer or not, the techniques and tactics that work well for YOUR loyalty can easily work for YOUR business online.

Of course there are impulse buyers, but all in all, consumers are best swayed to purchase or accept a mode of thinking (if we’re talking about ideological influence instead of an eCommerce site) if they have little reason to hesitate. The less doubt you can leave in a visitor’s mind, the better your sales and conversion rates will be, naturally.

You can take your website visitors from hesitant to ready to buy with a handful of convincing techniques.

Technique #1 (and the most obvious): TESTIMONIALS

Testimonials from key figures in your niche (experts) or believable customers who resonate the solution to the problem (in other words, connect with your customers’ most common pain-point and be a trustworthy solution), will help pull down that emotional barrier and create a more receptive audience.

Technique #2: THE ADDED VALUE

Any added value, above and beyond your competitors (even if you have a similar in quality product) will attract more visitors who are more willing to part with their money as well as those who might have been on the fence prior.

Technique #3: THE GUARANTEE

Piggy-backing on the above tactic, if you can provide a long (or longer) period of a guarantee, you’re offering both an added value (see above) and trust in your product and brand.

Technique #4: REAL FAQs

People can typically spot hollow FAQs as well as those that resonate with common experiences online. Peruse your competitors and businesses other than yours to see what commonalities occur in FAQs. Incorporate those with your standard, preconceived FAQs with one more key ingredient: asking your visitors to submit questions.

By asking your audience to submit questions you can (a) find more commonalities and (b) improve your products, brand and brand engagement.