Breaking Down Barriers to the Sale: eCommerce Tips


A quick-tip reference guide for those who want to create more sales on their eCommerce website.

The Power of a Bonus
Back up your valued products or service beyond the benefits already stated. This can be additional benefits or an actual add-on to your products or service that is above and beyond what has been purchased.

A great place for this is after the sale on a ‘thank you’ page. This helps encourage your customers to tell their friends and family to purchase too, this way they too can benefit from a purchase. This is kind of like having your customers be part of your marketing team.

Longer Guarantees
Even if your compelling content hasn’t convinced your potential customer to buy, the fact that they have a long period of time to try your product or service with a valued guarantee on the other side will help them make that leap from indecisive to paying customer.

People are more apt to share on social media if you are a credible source, if you give a product a good reputation by way of solid guarantee and if there is trust built into the sales reputation via a good guarantee.

Answer Common Questions: The FAQs
Not only can you save your customers time by answering their questions ahead of time, you can create a common profile of your customers by consistently updating your FAQs after numerous customer interactions.

If you’re using social media, those profiles are great places to find what means most to consumers and help build a solid FAQ section that new customers can easily relate to and find trust in.

People want to hear from the experts, especially those they know and respect and/or customers that have solved common problems by using your product or service. You might even be able to determine what characteristics are most important to your customers and use them to write more compelling content that speaks to a larger audience, thus giving you opportunity for larger amounts of sales.