Creating a Sense of Urgency: Copywriting Tip


Getting into the mindset of your website visitors is an important tactic in that you’ll be more apt to write compelling content that touches on that which means most to your audience.

Being sympathetic and understanding, in an honest manner, helps to quickly break down the barrier between you and your site visitor. If you can make your visitor feel better about himself/herself and that which they consider a personal failure, you build confidence in that person. When he/she feels more confident, the emotional connection to spending money, or whatever the website conversion asks for, is caressed and easier to accomplish.

Additionally, a strong tactic to consider is conveying a sense of urgency in conjunction with a sympathetic and understanding voice.

Copywriting with Urgency

When you instill in your reader that he/she needs to act quickly, you’ve touched upon the hot-button of urgency that many people react to very easily.

If before your reader is finished reading your copy he/she is strongly considering acting on the conversion, you’ve done a good job writing your copy. We mentioned ’emotions’ above and this is exactly what is injected throughout the sales copy. When you are able to pull those emotional strings in the reader, you’re more apt to captivate the reader and encourage the behavior directly related to your conversion.

Sometimes, this can be accomplished by “showing the reader the pain.” By directly getting to what matters most in the reader, and that which they hope to change or improve, and then delivering a ‘solution’, you’re well on your way to making a sale.

For example, anytime you can illustrate an ‘uncomfortable’ situation and provide a working ‘solution’ and/or ‘before’ and ‘after’ results, you’re directly hitting those emotional pressure points, of which your audience most likely wants to make feel better.