Marketing, Overit01.26.11

Creatively Revitalizing Diluted Messages


When a client approaches us to revitalize their website and messaging, we have to take into account the challenges that exist beyond the pixels of their website itself.

For a particular project we’re working on, we have to consider that most of us have been bombarded in recent years with more and more green initiatives and messaging. Our client who is in the recycling business presents a unique challenge as most generations have grown very accustomed the massive “green messaging” heard virtually everywhere. While “green initiatives” still pack a wallop in its messaging, much can be considered diluted by their prevalence alone.

So, when it comes to persuasive communication in any marketing effort, the web presents us with unique opportunities. A website is able to make communication and message delivery interactive, as opposed to a flat advertisement.

To actively convey messages we have to find that careful balance between aesthetics and function so as to not dissuade visitors from navigating further into the site or worse, not getting the full impact of the messaging itself.

Challenge & Solutions

With those challenges in mind, the Overit Media marketing team and designers are working closely to take complex data and find common ground between form and function, making beauty and function work together in order to accomplish the website’s goals.


One of our solutions is data visualization through infographics and creative interactivity. This is allowing us to deliver stronger messages and revitalize ideological change and transparent persuasion in the “green” consumer, business and government industries.

As this project moves forward, we’ll be discussing other aspects of creatively delivering a common message for maximum impact, so stay tuned!