Digital Marketers: The Next Generation


We were happy to accept an invitation to speak to SUNY Plattsburgh students about social media and social media marketing, but even more so, happy to witness the spark of interest in what can otherwise be a mundane and multi-faceted subject.

Of course, to Internet marketing geeks like us, we can speak endlessly about this stuff, but to the uninitiated, it can come off as boring or downright ‘blah’.

Social media marketing itself, in both concept and fundamental approach, has been in a constant state, but the nature of ‘all things online’ creates an environment where it is simultaneously in flux. We hope that, at the very least, that fact and the following were heard and understood at yesterday’s presentation:

> The perceived glam of working for a digital agency comes with a balance of very cool projects and those that aren’t always exciting.

> Most of the time you’ll only be considered a ‘rock-star’ among your peers, whereas the general public won’t care too much that you know the best aggregator or the most efficient way to use Tweetdeck on your iPhone.

> In order to truly do all that you hope to do online might be best suited with a career using those skills, but capitalizing on your dreams outside of work

> Agencies, more often than not, are looking for those who immerse themselves in their particular area and not those that settle for working only between 9am and 5pm. In other words, the thought process, work and self-motivation to improve extend beyond the prototypical 9 to 5 day.

When Overit’s Joe Schaefer made the trek up north to flow a flurry of facts, concepts and philosophies, interest in the subject seemed to naturally grow in the lecture hall, and refreshingly enough, thoughtful questions made their way into the conversation. Joe has spoken many times about the myriad of Internet marketing subjects that make up a typical day, but instead of blank stares, Joe was met with insightful and meaningful inquiries, furthering the conversation and making the long day-trip well worth the effort.

Of course, handing out a few t-shirts in exchange for participation is always a great tool, but aside from that, the interest and participation was genuine. So, a hearty thanks to the students at SUNY Plattsburgh and we hope to get back up there some time soon to continue an all-things-digital-media conversation.

For any other educational institutions interested in having Overit Media present on digital agency activities, please feel free to contact us at our office: 518-465-8829.