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Full-Scale Search Engine Optimization


Overit Media is an award-winning multimedia development company located in Albany, NY that offers a full-scale, complete search engine marketing (SEO/SEM) solution in addition to their web & motion graphics design, DVD-ROM development and other upscale design services.

Offering a complete search engine optimization solution to clients fills a niche often missing among multimedia development firms. In the Albany, NY and surrounding Capital District area, interactive web and multimedia development companies often fall short of offering a complete solution design solution that includes Internet Marketing.

Utilizing a wide range of multimedia and design practices and techniques, Overit Media helps a client’s vision become a reality. A balance of attentive service and high-impact deliverables propels Overit Media’s clients into the limelight, no matter what the medium.

Overit Media’s full-time search engine optimization analyst and strategist, Joseph Schaefer, says, “Many companies in the area either focus on one aspect of interactive development or a just a few. With the addition of search marketing to the Overit arsenal we are able to see projects from concept to completion and beyond. We feel it is a service that will attract new clients as it provides them one team to deal with. Instead of having your website designed by one group and then going elsewhere to have it successfully marketed, a concept and its potential is seen all the way through by one creative company.”

Overit Media’s website states, “Whether film, DVD, print, Internet, radio, all of the above or a variety of other destinations is your target, Overit was built to propel you there. In the process of client engagement, in our successes as well as our lessons learned, we increasingly become the sum of our work. “

Overit Media’s SEO strategist agrees and Schaefer adds, “We are full-service development firm that offers the complete solution. Although I am one part of a many legs to this operation, the addition of full-scale SEO/SEM services makes the complete package a sound business move for any business in search of optimum visibility.”

Albany, New York’s Overit Media and its award-winning design team will have even greater successes as they raise the bar for other development firms, whether in the Capital District area or internationally.

Overit Media’s SEO, Joe Schaefer briefly describes his philosophy and motivation, “A company’s competition is my competition, from an SEO standpoint for clients and from an employee standpoint as I strive to bring the search engine optimization aspect of Overit Media to the heights of the power-players in the industry. It remains to be seen how well we play in traffic, but that’s the whole idea, we play in traffic so you don’t have to.”

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