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Have A Copywriting Voice That Works: Sympathy & Understanding


If you can successfully mix a working interpretation of what you are trying to convey in your text along with a clearly defined call to action, your sales pages will take you further than you can imagine.

It’s important though, to realize that there are several voices and styles of writing to employ, depending on your branding, audience and goals.

In any event, your copy should be rock solid, to the point that you’re not ramming sales points and persuasion down the throats of you visitors, rather, your featured product(s) come across as hitting those ‘benefits‘ pressure points and leaving the reader feeling informed and confident with your product or message.

Many times, ‘sales copy’ comes off as sympathetic, empathetic and understanding. And for good reason.

When done correctly, the copy voice should leave the reader feeling comfortable and ‘underwhelmed‘ with other similar products and vendors. You’ve got to come across as having the ‘solution’ to that problem and that they will feel successful by buying your product.

As an example, think about all of those over-the-counter or even prescription medication advertisements on television. By the time they are done explaining the symptoms, a lot of us feel like they are talking directly to us and that we (a) should buy the product or (b) mention the symptoms and medication to a doctor in the hopeful event that you’ll ‘feel better‘ — whether you truly have an ailment or not!

Those sympathetic voices and conveyance of understanding help remove barriers between the advertiser and the potential customer, making the emotional connection to exchanging cash for a product that much more comfortable and easy.

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