Marketing, Overit07.29.09

Integrated Marketing & The Altamont Fair


With the shift in consumer behavior, trust and the winds of change blowing over the myriad of marketing message delivery methods, we at Overit Media are mirroring how consumers actually consume those messages in the current economic landscape.

There’s an analogy that makes the rounds of advertising and marketing agencies that roughly describes how traditional marketing is like using a water hose to deliver the message. In this particular analogy, agencies traditionally spray everyone with their message-hose and hope some people like to get wet. While some agencies will focus only on one aspect of contemporary marketing, such as social media marketing, online. This works on a client to client basis, but in the case of our current client, The Altamont Fair, we at Overit Media approached the strategy from an Integrated Marketing standpoint.

Some might say this is the same old hose, only fatter and with more pressure. While partly true, it may be more of an honest approach to mixing the old with the new while capitalizing on the benefits of both.

The Altamont Fair has been the Capital Region’s hometown fair since 1893. In fact, the fair reaches far into the many surrounding counties. Having such a wide audience range, from young to more mature, from local to distant, a high-quality and far-reaching Integrated Marketing approach not only makes sense, but is a necessity.

In order to help the Altamont Fair build their average consumer base this year and in years to come, Overit combined television, radio, print (considered, by definition, traditional) with an online push that includes ads on regional websites, social media marketing, as well as designing and developing a ‘sticky’ search-engine-friendly website.

Water Analogy Recap:

Traditional Marketing: Spray Everyone and Hope Some Like to Get Wet
New Media Marketing: Spray Quality, Relevant, Focused, Pre-Qualified Audience

In this specific instance, Overit was faced with those who reside on both sides of the marketing likes and dislikes fence, from traditional to new media marketing, as well as those who respond to both. For the Altamont Fair, it makes sense that a full-range of demographics will be exposed to the fair’s message though multiple mediums, old and new, including:

Television (Time Warner, Capital News 9, FOX23, WTEN, etc)
Radio (Regent Communications, Albany Broadcasting, Clear Channel, etc)
Print (Parent Pages, Schenectady Gazette, Altamont Enterprise, etc)

Posters, flyers

Other (Colonie Center Cinema, Showsmart, etc)

Newly designed and developed website, optimized for search engines
Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc
Cross-advertising with WTEN, Capital News 9, CBS 6, etc
Radio .com’s
Regional website advertising