Marketing, SEO/PPC04.16.12

Remarketing: How To Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind


If you’ve been on our site recently, you’ve probably noticed Overit display ads popping up on other sites. The next morning, you’re looking at the weather forecast and see an Overit ad. After that, you watch a YouTube video, and yet another Overit ad appears on the side. You’re probably wondering how we are “following” you all over the web.

Remarketing allows us to serve ads to you through a simple code embedded in our site. Once you visit, you are added to a targeting list to be shown our ads as you browse the internet.

The possibilities for marketing are endless since remarketing carries value for every website category. In fact, according to studies from Google, remarketing ads bring in almost twice as much revenue as other display ads. Ecommerce sites like Amazon serve ads for the specific products users have viewed. Travel sites serve ads for flights or hotels vacation planners have looked up. Healthcare sites serve ads for the specific services people have researched.

How does remarketing work?

  • When a person visits your website, a code inserted into the site serves a cookie to that user’s computer.
  • As long as the cookie stays in that person’s browser, your ads will appear for them on sites across the internet
  • You can use one code across a whole site or even have different codes for separate pages to segment audience groups
  • You can bid by clicks, impressions, or conversions

What are the benefits of remarketing?

  • Keeps top-of-mind awareness for your brand long after people visit your site
  • Reduces waste in spend since ads only show to people who have already expressed some amount of interest by visiting your site
  • Increases the benefit of both paid search and SEO since everyone who visits your site will start seeing the ads afterward
  • Drives people to convert as each ad links to a landing page relating directly to that ad’s message
  • Allows segmentation of customers based on what pages they visit to show very specific ads relevant directly to the section of your site they looked at

Remarketing adds value to any online advertising plan and is unmatched with its ability to keep a specific audience attentive to a brand. At Overit, we build and manage extensive remarketing campaigns, from creation of ads to placement on ad networks. Talk to us if you’re interested in setting up a campaign.