Lessons Come In All Forms


By Michelle Toch Dinsmore

As I was sitting in my dentistʼs chair today getting ready for an all-out assault on my mouth, I was reflecting on how far Iʼd come. Not in life – not in any way, really – only with that dentist chair.

While some people have great fears of flying, heights, change, or wearing colors, I have none of those things. Give me turbulent flights! Embrace change! Wear neon!

The greatest fear I have is an unreasonable, irrational, completely ridiculous fear of the dentist.

Now my mom could fill you in; both from the perspective of a mother, as well as psychologist, on why I have this silly fear, but letʼs not dwell in my dental past. Letʼs focus on how far I have come.

Sitting in that chair today I started to realize some parallels between taking care of your teeth and taking care of your brand/marketing/website:

1. Regular check ups are crucial.
2. If you neglect, you pay in the long run.
3. Every detail counts.
4. Cutting corners will cost you more than cosmetically.
5. Knowledge is power.
6. Great customer service is not just polite, itʼs personal.
7. Much more goes into it than you think.
8. Having someone who takes the time and understands the big picture really matters.
9. Good decisions can be hard (or painful).
10. When you work with a true professional you always learn something.

I have never said thank you to my dentist, but Iʼd like to think he knows. I do everything he tells me. With all my apprehension, I recommend him glowingly. I told him today he is the greatest dentist, and he responded modestly that there are a few other good ones, but no one better.