Marketing, SEO/PPC10.01.08

Online Business & The Economy


With the economy lagging in gains and have a fluid like fluctuation these days, earning a living or supplementing income through an online business may be an answer.

True, an Internet start-up business may seem like putting a bandaid on a wound, but with relatively low overhead and start-up costs, it may be more than a remedy–it may turn out to be a solution.

  • Think: Less commute time.
  • Think: Work hours being scalable.
  • Think: Work hours having a direct relation to whatever your definition of success is.
  • Think: Investment costs being relatively lower than a physical business location
  • Or, if you own a business and are thinking of having an Internet presence, Think: Lower investment for a greater ROI.

Also keep in mind that with fuel costs rising, more and more people are willing and/or able to travel long distances in order to behave as a consumer. Think: Local.

Making the Internet Local

After having your Internet business go from idea & strategy to launch, keep ‘global market’ in mind, but don’t let the sheer numbers of Interent users cloud your initial idea. In other words, seek a marketing group who can help you target a local segment of your target audience.

We’ve said this in previous posts, but we’ll repeat it:

Local marketing efforts (geo-targeting a website & traditional marketing) go hand in hand. Those who see your traditional marketing efforts are more likely to assume the ‘researcher’ role of Internet user. They are more apt to seek further information online.

When a website is professionally built from the ground up and Internet Marketing tools and techniques (buzzword: geo-target) are implemented, your business will be easy to find and as informative as possible.

Sound good to you? I thought so. Now, seek professional creative web services and see what they can do for you.