Our Billboard is More Than Just The Obvious


If you live in the Capital Region of New York and commute or travel via I-90, you’ve no doubt seen our billboards. Our most recent billboard can be seen near exit 5, westbound, on I-90.

Our message, “Fearless” web, design, video and mobile also has a possible double meaning. First, the obvious: we pull no punches and stay two steps ahead of trends and digital asset standards while deploying working solutions. Those same solutions have a positive impact on your ROI.

Yeah, But What About the Double Meaning?

As our fearless billboard blazes across the skies of the Albany, NY area, a mission of ours is to spread brand awareness; again, obvious. But, just absorbing the obvious printed message isn’t the end-all to that brand awareness.

Uh Huh, Tell Me More

Well, the backstory is that many design agencies have found that potential clients have trepidation when entering the online and digital world of marketing because it’s unknown territory.

People, by nature, “fear the unknown.” We aim to change that when new clients walk in the proverbial digital agency door. And we’ve embedded that message in our new billboard? Did you get it yet?

Oh Overit, Just Tell Me Already

The use of “Fearless” is meant to work on a whole other level, one that lets our potential clients know that they can “fear less” when working with us. Simple, right? Clever, right? It’s kind of like magic.

What kind of magic can we make for you? Send us you ideas and we’ll conjure up some awesome for you.