Social Media10.29.09

Overit Launches Skin Poison


Overit Media is proud to announce the launch of Skin Poison is a social community for tattoo lovers and the tattoo curious, with a twist. Overit Media not only custom developed the social network over SocialEngine, but Overit also custom developed a tool where users can virtually ‘see’ a tattoo on themselves prior to getting a real tattoo applied.

The Realistify tool allows users to upload a photo or use their webcams to snap a picture, choose tattoo art, rotate, resize or otherwise modify the image, and then realistically apply the art to their photo.

Try the tool yourself, for free by joining the community:

From the SkinPoison website:

Tattoos, good people and the most bad-ass tattoo application in the world have finally come together to reinvent how the ‘the inked’ interact. The launch of Skin Poison means that connecting with the exclusive club of the tattooed has just received a face-lift, with a twist.

Have you ever wanted to know what your next tattoo would actually look like on your body, before going under the needle? Now you can. As a member of the Skin Poison community, you have exclusive access to our Get Ink’d online application. You’ll be able to take a screen shot of where you want your tattoo and then add your art to get the world’s best view of how your tattoo will actually look. The app lets you resize, move, and otherwise completely manipulate the flash art in order to share your ideas and get feedback. Get inspired, connect with others, but don’t forget to Get Ink’d.