Marketing, Overit10.17.11

Removing the Dotted Line – making a solid connection between brand, web, marketing and PR


In an advertisement for Mashable’s upcoming Digital Media Summit, celebrated blogger, Pete Cashmore raised an interesting point —

“There are some experiences our kids may never have. Folding down the corner of a page in a book. Leafing through the classifieds section of a newspaper. Renting a movie from the video store … and taking it back again the next day. Rushing home to watch a TV show at its allotted time. But let’s not get caught up in our nostalgia for these ghosts of media past. The next generation will have a richer media experience than any other.”

We think of this stuff all the time at Overit because how you are being marketed to is dynamically changing. And where and how you are getting your information is also more customized and diverse than it ever has been before.

If you are at the helm of a brand, you can’t look at just one medium for your marketing tactics. Everything from your web platform to how your headlines read in the newspaper need to integrate, be measured and drive customers in your direction. This is how we think.

Today, we acquired the next phase of Overit Media. In our digitally connected world, being able to coordinate with national media and analysts and lead worldwide social media campaigns is the key to producing quality marketing services. Portfolio is by far the fastest growing public relations and social media firm in the Capital Region that represents our similar caliber of clients from New York to California.

The acquisition results in a comprehensive offering of public relations and social media to complement Overit Media’s existing services of marketing, web, design, motion graphics and video services. PR has gained strategic importance in amplifying a brand’s message. This acquisition significantly strengthens our abilities to represent mega creative brands and small emerging companies at the local, state and national levels.

We’ve acquired an award-winning brand but an even more stellar team. We are looking forward to working with Nicole and her team who will reside here in our new Albany location and now lead our PR, SEO and social media divisions.

Rock star marketing and PR planning? Check. Integrated campaign development that drives national attention? Check. Moving your marketing to a mobile platform? Check. Need a national or local commercial that gets your sales up? Check.