Marketing, SEO/PPC08.06.10

Simple Website Tracking with Google Analytics


Tracking your website visits leads to incredible insights.

Tracking your website traffic in order to make improvements, show success (whether from a search engine optimization campaign, a paid-ad campaign, etc.) or on a basic level, measure your website’s effectiveness is a no-brainer.

We suggest Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a short snippet of code that you place on your website that will then allow you to view robust information about your website and your visitors.

Some simplistic things you can immediately spot when looking at analytics.

1. The number of visitors to your site
2. The number of unique visitors (each visitor in this category is only counted once, no matter how many times they return during a specified period)
3. How many visitors arrived via a search engine, a link from another site, or how many typed a URL directly into their browser.
4. The specific search engines that visitors used to find you and what specific keywords they used
5. Most popular pages on your website
6. Navigation paths are used when visitors get to your site