Telling a Compelling Story for More Conversions


Just as great advertising appeals to something the masses can relate to (and in the case of this post, stories), your website copy should strive to do the same.

Some of the most successful website copy is that which tells a story. What makes the difference though is how the story is told. This will help determine who becomes a customer, who shares the story and even who leaves the site to never return. In the end, you want to tell a compelling enough story to hold the visitor until the close of the sale or conversion.

All the Story is a Stage

The main idea of this tip is to grab the interest of your reader by delivering a relatable situation and one that makes the most sense when closing in on the conversion. IN an ideal website world, just like that of great literature, you’ll need to highlight a common problem or conflict and then be the source for a solution. The more your prospect can identify, the better your chances of compelling them to read further and navigate further to the location of the solution.

Solve. Solve Solve.

You’ve created the ideal foundation, you’ve related to your visitor with a common problem, now it’s time to be the end all of solution providers. It is YOU who will swoop in and save the day. Project all of the good qualities of your product or solution and give yourself the edge over the competition by all means necessary. In fact, scour your competitions’ websites and social media platforms and crowd-source what their customers are saying and use it to your advantage.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

You need to clearly show how you can solve the common problem and why you have the most valued solution going. Some do this by way of testimonials, case studies, info-graphics, easily relatable stats, images, free trials and a host of other techniques. Your proof in the pudding should be reasonable, valuable and above all, more enticing than the competition. Don’t just build a tool, build a better tool and build real value into it.

Convert the Masses

Time for the sale. You should leave little thought in your customers’ minds that they need your product/solution and the more you can create a desire for it, the more conversions and sharing of your information you’ll find. We’ve spoken about urgency, this is where using a sense of urgency can play a large role in closing the deal or giving it to your competition.

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